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Platonix Joint Ventures has been in business for two years. We are letting start-up companies tap into our skills and expertise, without straining their budgets with Platonix' usual high fees. When working on such a Joint Venture, we can be paid in part or in whole, with equity.

How does it work?

When a potential Joint Venture project comes along, we wear two caps while considering whether to take it or not. The first cap is our technological cap - is the project interesting? Is it a project where our contribution can be substantial? Is it something we will enjoy doing?

Since we will be getting equity for our work, we also need to put our second cap on - the investor's cap. We look at your company much like an investor does - is there real business there? Does it have a serious founding team that can lead it to success? We're very interested in your company's team, since we don't replace them - we help you produce a better product, but we don't take the driver's seat.

We invest only when we can help advance the business of the company considerably. We prefer companies that can generate revenues at the end - and even during - our involvement. Our investment has two phases. The first is the preliminary testing phase consisting of up to $50,000 worth of R&D. This is used to prove the feasibility of the product and business model. Platonix assists the company in developing a first version of the product, a basic model which can be used for market testing. If the first phase is successful we may move to the second phase. In the second phase we complete the development of a full version that can be sold to initial customers and generate revenues.

Deciding the Scope of Work

During our negiations with start-up companies, we decide together on the scope of our involvement. We can help in designing the entire system, starting with the high level design and ending with which component writes to which log and at what point. We can also focus on a specific aspect of the system, designing and implementing a specific component and its interface to other components.

Whatever we do, whether it's a limited scope component or a company-wide design, we make sure that before we leave, your own team takes over what we did; you will not left with an unmaintainable white elephant. We take care of the transition, and if trouble persists, we can help at a later time as well.

What else can we do?

Aside from helping with the technology, we can assist in other areas as well. We can help create demonstrations, by working with you to understand your prospective client's needs and quickly tuning the currently available version into a relevant demonstration.

We have excellent connections with many people in the industry. They can help you define a better product, understand your target market better and even introduce you to potential first clients.


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