What We Do

Our team has years of experience in the business of software. We have built dozens of complex production-grade systems in different domains, using a wide array of technologies. Our history of working with start-up companies and founding a couple of our own has made us knowledgeable in the non-technical aspects of the software business as well. Therefore, we can provide assistance in many of the diverse challenges that start-up companies inevitably face.

Designing systems that really work is what we do best. From gathering requirements to top-level and detailed design, you can count on our assistance.
Technology Selection
Choosing the right platform to build your product on is crucial to your success. Our familiarity with diverse platforms and technologies can help you make the best decision.
Development Environment
Your developers need a solid development environment that will enable them to create quality code. We can help you put the best tools and procedures in place, so your team gets off to a good start and stays productive.
Our seasoned developers can implement any part of your product surprisingly quickly, without sacrificing its quality.
We can analyze your product in order to improve its usability and keep your users happy.
Performance and scalability problems are commonly encountered when developing a new product. We can find the bottlenecks and remove them, helping your system achieve its speed and scalability goals.
Our extensive cryptological know-how is invaluable in adding world-class security to your system.
Taking all the code your team wrote and turning it into something a customer can easily install and use is a difficult process filled with many mudane details. Our experience can come in handy when dealing with this task as well.
We can be a part of your recruitment efforts, helping you find the best candidates.
Preparing for Presentations
Whether you're meeting VCs for funding or demoing the product to potential customers, you only have one chance to make a first impression. After being through so many such presentations ourselves, we can help you prepare for giving a clear and effective presentation.
Making Introductions
We know a lot of people in various positions in the industry. Through us you can utilize their knowledge to reach a better understanding of your target market, or to define a better product. They may also help in introducing you to your first clients..

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