Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Platonix Joint Venture?

A Platonix Joint Venture is a project where the Platonix team joins forces with a start-up company - we use our skills and expertise to help advance your start-up company. Instead of providing help for our usual consultant fees, we are willing to take equity or a cash-equity combination.

When you get Platonix involved in your start-up, you get the full breadth of expertise available in Platonix, which includes diverse technical and business abilities.

What is Platonix looking for in a Joint Venture?

We are looking for interesting companies - companies interesting projects to which we can contribute substantially. Of course, we also want a project which we'll enjoy doing. We're looking for start-ups with a real business opportunity, that can turn into profitable companies.

Most importantly - we're looking for a serious team. Since we don't replace your team, we're looking for start-ups led by excellent people - people we can work with, and enjoy doing so.

At what stage does Platonix consider a Joint Venture?

We can work with start-ups at very different stages. If your company is interesting to us, we will want to find a way to work with you - regardless of its stage. We can help at the very first stages of design and development, even before your technological team fully exists, or we can join a team that has been together for a few years and a couple of investment rounds.

If the people and the company are interesting, we'd want to work with you.

What does the process for starting a Joint Venture look like?

We start the process with a prospective Joint Venture, by meeting the founders to discuss the company. You tell us about your ideas, your current situation, your stage of development, your stage in marketing, how your fund raising is going, your current partners etc... We then think with you how we can best help.

If both you and us are satisfied, we ask for some more information and paperwork (current investment agreements, etc...). Then we let the lawyers do their thing and congratulations! A Joint Venture is born!

How does a Joint Venture work?

Well, the most accurate answer is "It depends". It depends on what both sides feel is the best way to work together. We can participate in the grand design meetings of your system, or we can focus on a specific component and implement it completely. We can also do anything in between - we match the form and extent of our involvement to your needs.

Can Platonix help our fund-raising efforts?

Yes, we can. We have excellent connections with a variety of potential investors. They usually like our recommendations. They'll be more favorable towards your company if we are actively involved. They'll be even more favorable if we believe in your company enough to risk working for equity.

How do we contact Platonix?

At last, an easy question. You can contact us right here. Please supply a short description of your company, your product, its market potential, and a bit about your team.


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