Hexamind Ltd.

During Platonix' long years working with software vendors, we gained intimate knowledge of the complexities that are part of a software system's deployment and lifecycle. One major aspect, configuration, has shown to be particularly difficult to manage.

We have seen the same scenario repeating at various software companies; a complex software system, relying on myriad configuration files, table and other resources. Sometimes in standard formats such as XML or INI, sometimes documented to a degree, sometimes with readable parameter names and values. Sometimes.

Support personnel and the customer's IT personnel usually access these configuration files using a simple text editor. No backup. No versioning. Certainly no automation or repeatability.

In June 2004, Platonix founded Hexamind to address these issues. Led by Platonix members Yishai Beeri (CEO) and Itai Shirav (CTO), Hexamind has developed a unique platform that leverages novel technology to enable rational, efficient management of complex systems and applications, focusing on configuration.

The Hexamind platform consists of two major applications. A modeling workbench, Hexamind Modeler, is used to rapidly describe a given system's configuration resources, rules, and processes. Hexamind Modeler is based on the open Eclipse platform. The second application, Hexamind Editor, is a run-time, at-the-field full blown UI that enable IT and support personnel to manage configurations for deployed systems.

Hexamind sells its platform to software vendors in an OEM model, with a per-seat license for Hexamind Modeler and per-deployed-system license for Hexamind Editor.

Hexamind's first customer, Sungard STeP is now deploying Hexamind's platform with its flag products, complex systems powering the nerve-centers of the largest players in the financial industry.





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