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About Platonix Joint Ventures

Platonix Joint Ventures, has a new way to invest in pre-seed software companies. We invest time and experience by providing R&D services for software companies in exchange for equity. Thus Platonix enables companies to use a superior, experienced R&D team and reach a sellable product – without requiring extra cash – at a higher level of expertise than most startups would be able to afford. We, in turn, receive payment in equity.

We can help you design your entire solution, or we can focus on a specific aspect of the technology and implement it - or we can do anything in between. We can also help you with business development and fund raising aspects, leveraging our excellent relationships with some of Israel's leading angel investors and entrepreneurs. Take a look at our expertise, what we're looking for in a start-up, and list of happy customers.

We are looking for young companies with exciting technology and promising business prospects. If your company has these two rare qualities - contact us, and we will be delighted to see how we can help.

Platonix Software Fund is an investment fund working with us, that lets investors share the risks and rewards of an early investment with Platonix. We are now in the process of raising our second fund.


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What Makes Us Special

Over 13 years in the business, and growing!

Stability, experience, knowledge - with Platonix Joint Ventures you get it all!


The dedicated team of Platonix Joint Ventures has a high interest in your success. When we work - it's all the way!


A joint venture means there are two working together. Our vast experience in working with others gives us the possibility to give your start-up what it needs. Are you ready to give as much?

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