Information for Investors

Platonix Software Fund is an investment fund that invests in the Platonix start-up companies. Through the Platonix Software Fund investors can share the risks and rewards of an early investment with Platonix. The first Fund closed successfully in late 2008. Platonix has experience working with companies which have grown and prospered and is now raising money for the second Fund which will start operations in 2010.

Platonix typically invests between $50,000 and $250,000 in R&D provided over a period of between three months to one year in each startup. The Platonix Software Fund buys half of the equity Platonix Joint Ventures receives in the start-up companies, owning a range between $25,000 and $125,000 in equity in each startup.

Advantages to Fund Investors

Thorough and accurate due-diligence for potential additional investment. When Platonix works with a company our team gets to know the founders, their approach to the market and their market feedback. As such, when that company seeks further funding later, our Fund investors have a very clear advantage both in accessibility and information that helps in making educated investment decisions.

Higher rate of further investment. Companies with a sound technology that has been proven to work and fill a market need are more likely to get further rounds of funding, making their likelihood of success even higher.

Investment diversification. As with venture capital funds, the Platonix Joint Ventures Fund investment is spread across different companies. In addition, Platonix has a considerably lower investment minimum than other VCs.

Reduced exposure. The long term and technological risk in investments is greatly reduced. Platonix provides a technology team with considerable R&D abilities during the critical early stages of product definition and architecture design, helping ensure deliverability of actual product.

Who may want to invest in the Platonix Software Fund

An investment in the Platonix Software Fund is suitable for individuals and companies that are looking for an early-stage software fund investment for their portfolio. We provide a similar level of risk as other VC investments, with a lower minimum.

Platonix Software Fund is also for angel investors interested in capitalizing on the extensive due-diligence provided by Platonix on companies and founders.

Interested investors are most welcome to contact us.


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