Kanndu Inc.

Kanndu, previously known as Aristocart, is the first startup spawned from Platonix. Kanndu was founded in 1999, introducing a unique platform for automation of the online shopping platform. This platform enabled casual online shoppers to complete purchases with a single click, on almost any online shop.

An Application Service Provider, Kanndu introduced services and applications that enhance the shopping experience for customers and expand opportunities for Web businesses and wireless providers. With the unique Kanndu e-shopping platform in place, online businesses could offer a complete shopping service from their own sites: Users easily perform searches, compare prices and buy across an unlimited number of stores using a PC, mobile phone, handheld computer or any other device.

With the fastest integration of stores on the market, the Kanndu platform offered individual merchants, online malls and wireless service providers advanced capabilities that immediately provided added value to their customers. Content providers also find that the platform enables an easy transition into E-commerce.

Kanndu raised capital from ExSeed and AIG Orion, in addition to several prominent private investors.

Kanndu is not currently active.






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